You can send questions directly to the Course Guide by accessing the Questions tab beneath the video screen in each module. Simply type your message and then click Submit. Your message will be sent directly to your Course Guide from the email address you submitted upon registration. The Course Guide will respond to your message via email as soon as possible.

You can access all necessary key files under the Assets tab found beneath the video screen in each module. We recommend that you print each of the key files found in your Assets tab before watching the video presentation.

Some modules may include additional resource links, which can be found next to the corresponding action item for that specific module.


We encourage you to complete this course at your own pace and in a way that is most useful to you and your program. However, it is recommended that you leave no more than 1-2 weeks between each module. Although pacing will vary, this course is designed to have the highest impact when completed within 5-10 weeks.

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